Adam Morrison

Vital Info
Height: 6'8"
Weight: 205 lbs.
Position: Forward
Born: 7/19/1984
College: Gonzaga
Drafted: 2006 - 1st round, 3rd overall

Player Type: One-dimensional scorer
Strengths: As a rookie in 2007, Morrison showed he could create plenty of shots -- they weren't good shots, mind you, but shots nonetheless. He is a good shooter (not a great one, certainly not worthy of the Larry Bird/Dirk Nowitzki comparisons that were thrown at him in college), and will almost certainly improve on those horrid rookie shooting numbers with better shot selection. He is a solid ballhandler and passer, and he takes decent care of the ball. The overall package isn't as bad as the results were in his first NBA season.
Weaknesses: Morrison simply isn't an NBA-caliber athlete, and that really hampers his ability to make use of some of his basketball skills. He can shoot, but he can't really create high-percentage looks. He can handle the rock, but he doesn't have the burst or quickness to beat anybody off the dribble. He has decent size, but he can't rebound or block shots. He's generally an intelligent player, but he can't guard a soul. In other words, he's not suited to be an alpha dog at this level, and Charlotte would be advised to stop using him in that manner and just let him be a 2nd or 3rd option. And then there's the matter of the knee injury which cost him all of 2007-08... Since he wasn't reliant on speed or quickness beforehand, it probably won't hurt his game as much as it would other players, but it was just another setback for a guy who really couldn't afford one.
Favorite shot: Low-percentage fadeaway with a defender all over him.

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