Josh Smith

Vital Info
Height: 6'9"
Weight: 225 lbs.
Position: Forward
Born: 12/5/1985
College: n/a
Drafted: 2004 - 1st Round, 17th Overall

Player Type: High-flying dunk machine who also shines on D
Strengths: Smith is one of the NBA's finest athletes, and this allows him to be a major factor on defense and in transition. Smith has always been an amazing shot-blocker, but in '07-08 he also ramped up his defense in the team concept, which made him one of the league's top overall defensive players. He's a good defensive rebounder as well, and has the quickness to pick up his share of steals. Smith's superior quickness is also one of his primary offensive assets, as he likes to use speed and athleticism to beat his man to the basket in transition or to finish inside on drives. He isn't a bad passer, either.
Weaknesses: The rest of Smith's offensive game is still lacking. He doesn't shoot jumpers effectively at all, and he doesn't handle the ball especially well, either. His jump shot is so poor, in fact, that he only bettered a 35.5 FG% from two areas: straight-on 3-pointers (of which he took just 16) and the immediate basket area. While Smith can create shots with sheer athleticism, they aren't always the highest-percentage looks, and he can be played off of and forced into taking long Js. Smith is also a mediocre offensive rebounder for a man with his athleticism.
Favorite shot: Jaw-dropping jam in transition.

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