Ryan Hollins

Vital Info
Height: 7'0"
Weight: 230 lbs.
Position: Center
Born: 10/10/1984
College: UCLA
Drafted: 2006 - 2nd Round, 50th Overall

Player Type: Athletic shot-blocking big man
Strengths: Hollins is a pure shot-blocker, plain and simple. He's athletic for a 7-footer, and this couples with his length to make him an intimidating presence coming in off the help side. Hollins will also run the floor for dunks and easy buckets, and is a good offensive rebounder.
Weaknesses: Simply put, Hollins has athleticism but lacks basketball skills. He has no post game to speak of and has no shooting range outside of five feet. Defensively, Hollins severely lacks strength, making it difficult for him to get rebounding position and contend one-on-one with opposing big men inside.
Favorite shot: Putback dunk.

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