Jared Dudley

Vital Info
Height: 6'7"
Weight: 225 lbs.
Position: Forward
Born: 7/10/1985
College: Boston College
Drafted: 2007 - 1st Round, 22nd Overall

Player Type: Tweener who makes up for physical shortcomings with hustle & smarts
Strengths: Dudley is a very smart player with a high basketball IQ, which helps him on defense and the boards despite a lack of size or athleticism. Two physical gifts he does possess are long arms, which let him rack up steals and hassle opponents on defense. Dudley plays with a lot of energy, and this translates to very good offensive rebounding numbers. Overall, he's a versatile player who isn't particularly bad at any one skill.
Weaknesses: Dudley is a classic tweener -- he isn't particularly athletic or quick enough to be an impact small forward, and he doesn't have the height of a typical power forward. His midrange game, billed as a strength going into the draft, was a disappointment last season -- his eFG% on jumpers was just .383. He can't really create his own shot at the NBA level, either. And while he isn't bad at any skill, he doesn't really stand out in any category, either, save for his superior intangibles.
Favorite shot: Midrange jumper.

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