Matt Carroll

Vital Info
Height: 6'6"
Weight: 212 lbs.
Position: Shooting Guard
Born: 8/28/1980
College: Notre Dame
Drafted: Not drafted

Player Type: One-dimensional pure shooter
Strengths: Carroll can flat-out shoot the 3, having drilled at least 39% of his attempts from downtown in each of the past 3 seasons. He also has decent offensive instincts -- he knows his long-range stroke is feared, so he's not averse to buying himself space for midrange shots and the occasional dribble-drive with a clever shot fake.
Weaknesses: Unfortunately, Carroll's nice shooting stroke is just about his only asset these days. He used to be adept at drawing fouls on drives, but he slipped in that department last season, and as a result his scoring was way down. He used to have pretty decent hands for steals, too, but hasn't done well in that category in two years. And the rest of his game is seriously lacking, mainly because he lacks NBA-caliber quickness/athleticism. He's a poor defender despite decent court awareness, and adds very little on the boards. He's essentially a one-dimensional player at this point.
Favorite shot: Any 3-pointer.

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sean charles said...

yep that pretty much sum Carrol up. A Jason Kapono clone