Jeff McInnis

Vital Info
Height: 6'4"
Weight: 190 lbs.
Position: Point Guard
Born: 10/22/1974
College: North Carolina
Drafted: 1996 - 2nd round, 37th overall

Player Type: Sub-NBA caliber guard
Strengths: McInnis has nice size for a point guard, passes reasonably well, and is (theoretically) a capable ball-handler. Because of his height, he can dribble down court and shoot midrange jumpers (of which he hit 41.6% in '08, better than average) over smaller PGs.
Weaknesses: A graduate of Jail Blazer Academy, McInnis has a rep as a clubhouse cancer, and his poor attitude has cost him jobs with multiple NBA teams. He has no 3-point range and can't really shoot anything but 15-footers, which isn't the greatest recipe for efficiency (those shots are still worth only 2 points, of course, despite the increased difficulty). McInnis used to be able to create shots for himself and teammates without turning the ball over, but those days are long gone -- he struggled to get his shot off in 2008 and, worse yet, he became one of the biggest turnover machines in the league. He adds nothing on the glass at this point, doesn't steal or block shots, and is a poor defender. All told, McInnis was one of the least valuable players in the entire NBA last season, and he'll be lucky to catch on with any team this summer.
Favorite shot: Midrange jump shot.

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